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Fundraising for our Students' Futures

By Leyla Isin 3 years ago
Categories Luang Prabang

October Monthly Achievement Report




  • To increase access to employment opportunities and improve socio-economic status through improved English language skills
  • To provide effective training and support to GVI volunteers to facilitate high quality TEFL classes for Lao students
  • To provide an authentic experience to GVI Laos volunteers, which develops both personal and professional skills within the field of education and community development



This month GVI Laos has introduced an element of excitement and relevance to their classrooms by putting money raised at our recent Charitable Trust Challenge towards upgrading our textbooks. Twice a year we hold Temple Hunt Challenges to raise funds for specific programs and resources. This year we decided to fundraise for new sets of textbooks that are more contemporary, relevant and up to date with the latest TEFL research. This March our volunteers and staff, sponsored by friends, family and supporters of our project, formed teams and took to the streets of Luang Prabang in a race to find all the temples listed in their booklets. The day was a huge success and we were able to raise $1262.06 USD. After researching and purchasing the student and teacher copies of beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced sets of the ‘Face 2 Face’ series, they travelled from the US in the suitcase of one of our Field Staff Members. This month these textbooks have entered the classrooms!



DSC_0002 (2)



These wonderful textbooks provide our volunteers with comprehensive guidance on teaching each topic. They include useful techniques for teaching grammar, listening activities, role play activities that draw from the communicative approach to TEFL and exciting relevant content for everyday use of English. To account for the large numbers in our classes, our staff and volunteers have been busy creating eye catching sustainable resources to correspond with each unit that will be used by volunteers and students long into the future. Currently, the textbooks are being used in 8 of our classes at Pha O temple, all of our free Novice Monk English classes and in our 2 girls’ only classes.



It is wonderful to see how the money donated and the efforts of all involved can have such a positive impact for our students and re-inspire them to learn and engage in the English language.



Written by Field Staff Member Leyla Isin