Monthly Achievement Report 15th April 2013

By 5 years ago
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We celebrate our Charitable Trust Sponsorship and Scholarship Project for this monthly achievement report.
GVI Laos has 10 Novices on sponsorships and 1 student on a Scholarship to complete his Secondary School education. Six of the Novices continue for a second year of sponsorship for 2013. The value of learning English to a proficiency level enables them to have far greater opportunities for their future lives and consequently for their families.
The funding for the Scholarships and Sponsorships comes from the GVI Charitable Trust, a registered charity which allows supporters of the Laos Projects the opportunity to further their support of the education of financially disadvantaged Lao students. The GVI Charitable Trust was set up in 2005 to help with disaster relief following the devastation caused by Hurricane Stan in Guatemala. After an overwhelming response from past volunteers the GVI Charitable Trust has gone on to manage and fundraise projects with many of GVI’s partners overseas.
What are the goals of The GVI Charitable Trust?
. To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment
. To advance education and research for the benefit of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment
. To relieve sickness and preserve and promote the good health of persons
. To relieve poverty, financial hardship and distress
In addition to the Charitable Trust, GVI Laos holds an annual CT Challenge to provide an injection of much needed funds to support the Lao community and temples with which we work. In 2012, we held our first Challenge of giving morning alms for 5 days to the Monks and Novices. We are repeating this same challenge in June. The practise of giving food to the temples gets to the heart and soul of Buddhist Lao culture.
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