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Mike masters Mkwiro

By 6 years ago
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I had just arrived in the beautiful Mkwiro when on the second day I was given the enjoyable task of teaching standard 5 English. I worked from the syllabus the school had given us and decided to teach a lesson on terminal punctuation, a potentially dull subject. So I planned out my lesson not knowing what to expect.
The next day I set of to the school accompanied by an army of volunteers, the reason for this being they had just completed their teacher training the previous day. My reservations about having a rowdy, hard to control class where quashed when I turned up to find them stood at their desks chanting “good morning”. I think the class were quite excited as we kicked off the lesson, due to the fact that they had just been presented with brand new exercise books which they were to use in the lessons by GVI staff and volunteers. As the class got underway, the students were attentive and well behaved. In contrast to the students I had taught in Shimoni, the kids seemed to a lot more timid and rather shy, so at the start of the class they were reluctant to write on the board or give examples. After some encouragement however, and some participation from the braver members of the class, they all seem to come out of their shells a little. By the end of the class we were left with a board covered in examples by the kids.

Mike Hilton

Community Volunteer