Mahout Biographys - Gallabay

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Basic Information

Mahout for


Date of Birth

Unknown date, 1995






Gamon, Veesoot


Hospital in Khun Yuam


Galabay, the newest mahout, grew up in a neighbouring Karen village. He went to school there until age 12 and then worked on his family’s dairy farm. He moved here in 2012 (at age 17) when his father, an elephant trainer who has connections in Huay Pakoot, heard that there was an open mahout position with Mana. Galabay’s family does not own elephants nor had he ever worked with them before coming to Huay Pakoot. However, despite Galabay’s lack of experience with elephants, Reerah (Mana’s previous mahout) was able to teach Galabay the skills he needed in order to assume the role of Mana’s mahout. Galabay has never been outside of Thailand and does not plan on leaving the village, as he enjoys his job and the simple life here. In his free time, Galabay enjoys watching TV. He describes himself as quiet, pensive, and helpful.

Fun Facts

Dream Job

Elephant trainer

Favorite thing about being a mahout

Riding the elephants

Knowledge about medicinal plants