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"Madam It's too cold!"

By 6 years ago
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On the GVI Mombasa project we are fortunateenough to take one Standard from each school swimming! Currently Standard 6 from Precious and Standard 5 from Olives have weekly swimming lessons at a nearby pool.
Although Mombasa is situated right on the water, many of the children have never swam before. The first week most of the students were squealing as they entered their toes into the water. But by week three, all of the students have made huge improvements!

For the GVI Staff and Volunteers it is a great time to connect with the children outside of the classroom. Additionally, swimming is the best way to cool off after a long day of teaching! Interestingly enough though, the children are often shivering saying, “Madam it’s too cold in here!” I guess that’s what happens when you live so close to the equator!

GVI Mombasa Staff