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Lovin' la Pura Vida...

By 5 years ago
Categories Jalova

So I have just finished my second week in Costa Rica. So far it has been a great experience. My first week was full of waking up early and spending the mornings taking Spanish lessons then heading over to the school and community center in El Cocal for some lunch. I haven’t spoken Spanish in a very long time but the Spanish classes seem to have brought back all the Spanish I learnt while I was in school. My favourite part about my Spanish lessons is that both of my teachers don’t speak any English, so I am forced to remember words I learnt years ago to have a conversation with them. While difficult sometimes I feel like I have learnt more Spanish in this week of classes than I have in my many years taking Spanish classes in school. This week I started working with the students in the community center, helping them with their homework, reading and just playing around with them. While it’s very tiring working with the most energetic kids I’ve ever seen, the exhaustion doesn’t matter when we see how happy they are to have all these volunteers here, helping and just playing around with them. I am looking forward to starting my own lesson plans for the kids and seeing how it transforms in the community.

As our afternoon comes to a end in El Cocal, the volunteers get some free time to do what ever they like; take a nice nap back at the house, shop around in Quepos or go to the nearest beach in Manuel Antonio. So far my favourite way to spend my time after school is to go to the beach and stop by Emilio’s cafe for some ice coffee and the best cheese cake I’ve ever had.

I am loving living here in Costa Rica, helping these kids and taking in all that this wonderful place has to offer. I am so excited to see what else these next few months living here will bring me.

Baily- Quepos Community Program Volunteer