Lots of Learning at Nceduluntu

By 5 years ago
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The Nceduluntu Nursery has been a hive of activity and the volunteers are doing a fantastic job.  In the past month we have seen some amazing progress.

The Field: We now have access to a field. It’s a short walk down the road and the second the children sense we will be heading down there they start to chant.  Once we are there it’s so great to see the children running around with balls, hoops and other equipment. It’s certainly a sense of freedom for them after being confined to the Nursery all morning. What’s great is we can also see the children interacting positively as they play games in the space.  As we have volunteers to help, we can take a large number of the children along.

The Babies: Any type of stimulus is so important for the babies and our volunteers have creatively  used plastic bottles and rice to make rattles and shakers.  The babies have a wonderful time shaking away and watching the rice as it falls around the bottle. Helping the carers with sitting the children, laying them on their tummies and generally interacting with them  has meant we have seen some good development with the babies especially developing their muscle strength.


Creative Activities: Of course all children love painting and ensuring all the children get to experience painting and printing is important.  The volunteers have set things up so we can work through all the children in the nursery to ensure they have some valuable one on one time and get to show their creativity.  Thumb print faces is only one activity from the past week that the children have really enjoyed…….. and the volunteers and carers too for that matter.

These are only a few achievements in the past month.  There is no doubt that extra pairs of hands by our volunteers at the Nursery results in opportunities the children might not otherwise have.

Cheryl Martin

Project Manager