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Living in "African Time"

By Cape Town staff 2 years ago

They say time is money, but in Gordon’s Bay, time is priceless. Admittedly, it was quite difficult to get accustomed to in the beginning, as everything here runs at its own pace.  Each and every day is a new adventure, a surprise waiting to happen, and a momentary panic attack that lessens as time goes on. Our two weeks here in Gordon’s Bay contradicted everything we had been taught in our former lives; the constant routine we knew.  Here, however, “You’re a few minutes late? It’s okay, so is the teacher”.  “Why is everyone absent for workshop today?” “There was a netball game, duh”. 

The inconsistency would drive one mad back home in the States, but here it is a way of life; relaxation and peace of mind that we are not fortunate enough to experience globally.  It is something you begin to love, cherish, and wish to carry with you everywhere.  Gordon’s Bay has taught us that life is not about being punctual, but about heart.  Take the time to enjoy life, have fun, and when you’re present for workshop, pour your heart and smiles into singing songs about bananas or germs.

The songs, smiles, and impeccable dance moves of Gordon’s Bay will forever be in our hearts.  Two weeks have flown by, faster than we could have ever anticipated, and yet we have a lifetime of memories. In such a short amount of time, we have learned and grown so much as individuals, and with that we have come away with this very important life lesson introduced to us as “African Time”.  It reminds us that life can be short and we might as well live it to the fullest. Regardless of whether we are five minutes late, ten minutes early, or postponing until next week, the message of GVI is the same: Awareness, Impact, Empower.

~Chelsea Iles & Bishoy Sadek