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Life Lessons at Kiddie’s Corner

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town
My last week at Kiddie’s Corner in Masiphumelele is coming to an end and I cannot even begin to describe the way my life has changed in my past two weeks here. Seeing the children smile and laugh even in the hardest of circumstances makes me reevaluate my own life on a daily basis.
It’s amazing to see the children cooing over a doll with no eyes (and unintentional dreadlocks) that was made in the 1980’s as if it were a new ipad or a stack of gold. It really begs the question, who am I to be complaining about a runny nose or a few insect bites? I mean, these children are playing in a tiny yard with rusted nails and broken glass and still loving life, how can we grumble about not having internet and not being able to check our facebook accounts? It’s just so ironic that we’re here thinking that we’re going to be teaching these children the basic ABC’s and shapes, when really they’re teaching us so much more about life and being grateful for what we have, even when it doesn’t seem like much to us.
Although my time here at Kiddies Corner was so short and seemed to go by faster than you can say Masiphumelele (yes, it did take me a while to get that one down), I was truly inspired by each child and care-giver there and know that the lessons they taught me are far more valuable than any education I can get back home. The memories I made here will surely last a lifetime. Thank you GVI and Kiddie’s Corner. Stay classy Masi!
Frances Forestier – Fish Hoek Volunteer