Latest happenings in the Playa del Carmen projects!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan
At the Ludoteca, Jim and Sian has successfully carried out projects that they have come up with. After being inspired by the turtle release event that we recently got to attend, the kids made their own turtles out of egg cartons! It was a successful activity, with at least 50 little baby turtles created through out the day, named and released into the ocean wilderness that are the kids’ homes.

At the Healthcare project, Andi has reached a milestone and has started doing the therapy on the children on the horses! All her hard work at the horse riding lessons have paid off, and she still has 2 more weeks to go. Both Anna and Andi have been getting covered in beans, gels, shampoo and play dough; but apart from the mess, they have also been getting their fair share in hugs and smiles!

This week we welcome George (Georgina), our new intern from Australia. There is definitely an Aussie invasion here in Playa… she even brought Vegemite! She’s yet to finish settling from the flusters of Spanish, training, introductions, project visit sites. Luckily she has 6 months here, so she’s in no rush.

With the end of the week marking 6 months since the project started here in Playa, we’re back on track, the sun is out and all systems go…we’re ready to see what happens next!