Last week in Pez Maya has been a blast!

By Rodrigo Ville 4 years ago
Categories Featured, Yucatan

This last week has been a blast. On the weekend some of the volunteers went diving in Playa Del Carmen to see the mysterious bull sharks. Over the past few years, sharks have been very victimized and turned into voracious predators through cultural stigmas and media like the movie jaws. In fact, humans aren’t sharks natural prey-more people are killed by vending machines than sharks each year. Sharks are beautiful creatures, the apex predator in their environment, and everyone was very excited to see them. We went on two exhilarating dives, and seeing the sharks in their natural habitat was amazing.

As of today we have 8 volunteers monitoring, and have finished two monitor sites. This is quite exciting, and we are aiming to finish two more sites by the end of the week. As for me, the last couple of weeks have completely exceeded all of my expectations. I feel like I am helping the community with the project in Punta Allen, and I am contributing with my monitoring data. I am also sad to see all of the new friends I’ve met leave at the end of the week, but overall I am proud happy and thankful.