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July 2013 Monthly Achievement Report

By 5 years ago
Categories Luang Prabang

15th July 2013
Construction Galore

Fishponds and floorboards were the order of the day for our construction volunteers during July 2013.
We assisted several students to build an extra fish pond 5m x 3m. GVI was thrilled to offer this unique experience of  working alongside Lao students who have deafness to our 2 British female construction volunteers. The Lao students were amazed at how the girls got stuck into the work, boots and all. Well done Lucy and Olivia! You made us all proud!

The school teaches its students both the standard Secondary School Curriculum and a life skills program. It aims to ensure that its students are both educated and trained in practical skills before they return to their villages at the end of their period of time with the School. The students raise several species of fish which serve as food for them and they hope to eventually be able to sell mature fish as an income earner for the many expenses the school incurs.

The second construction project was less glamorous but necessary and long overdue. A skilled volunteer undertook the challenging job of repairing and replacing broken floor boards in the classrooms and administration room. This completed job now means that the Novices’ or Teachers’ feet aren’t in danger of slipping through the holes. Well done Geoff!