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It's Scouts But Not As We Know It

By 5 years ago
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When I was asked if I wanted to attend one of our supported schools local scout camp I was immediately interested. Having been a scout myself in the past I was curious as to what differences there would be between the British and the Kenyan scouting movements. Upon arriving at the campsite I was greeted to the sight of around 50 young boys and girls excitedly returning from the beach.

Once assembled they then proudly showed us their marching skills they had learnt earlier before posing for pictures giving the scouting movements salute (Some things are universal!). Overall the Kenyan scout camps don’t seem to be a massive departure from the trips I used to make myself as a youth. This trip was one of a number of optional opportunities offered to me as a volunteer to see some of the extra curricular activities of the schools.

GVI Volunteer Dave