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10 Stunning Photographs to Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

By Lauren Melnick 3 years ago

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

Today marks the 11th annual observance of the holiday. The day was started by conservation group Polar Bears International and is used to draw attention to the challenges facing polar bears in a warming Antartic.

Due to rising greenhouse gas emissions, the warmer Artic means less sea ice for the bears to hunt seals on and is reducing access to their food source. This doesn’t just affect polar bears, it also affects the entire Arctic ecosystem, from copepods to seals and walruses.

Scientists predict that as the Artic continues to rise, it will lead to two-thirds of the world’s population disappearing within this century.

Below check out some of our favourite photos celebrating these iconic creatures. Learn what you can do for polar bears any day of the year over here.


Jussi Hella / National Geographic Your Shot


Natallia / Flickr

Patrick J. Endres/


Paul Goldstein/Exodus/Rex Features


Dan Guravich / Polar Bears International

Patrick J. Endres /


Yi Lu / Viewstock / Corbis


Paul Souders / Corbis


Paul Goldstein/Exodus/Rex Features


Shannon Curtis / Polar Bears International

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