Intern Voice - Why you should come to Manuel Antonio!

By 5 years ago
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Written by Rhiannan Davies – GVI Manuel Antonio Community Intern
Manuel Antonio. A place described by many as paradise.
Paradise. “A place or state of bliss, felicity, or delight.” (Thank you, Google, for allowing Merriam-Webster dictionary to produce those words for me).
Reading that, why wouldn’t you immediately sign up for this project? The breathtaking area, the projects you work within, the wonderful people you meet – the only thing it is missing is Vegemite (Australian joke there). Leaving my little bubble for several days sees me aching to get back, and having a two-week visa run to Nicaragua coming up has me missing it in advance. It doesn’t help that we have ten people finishing their time on project this weekend. Warning: preparing for all of the goodbyes on and off project, including ‘despedida’ (Spanish for, ‘farewell’ – you can see how my Spanish has been progressing since my last blog) dinners may result in this piece being slightly biased.
Only slightly.
There are a lot of pieces on here talking about project, so I have decided to throw at you some of the activities you can do around here in your spare time. Whitewater rafting, diving, fishing, surfing, hiking, horse-riding, visiting waterfalls… what more do you need? Monkeys named Fernando, sloths named Eugene Edgar The Third, cats named Afuera, guitars named Pedro – there is not nor will there ever be another place like this. I may be a person who has a natural flair for the dramatic, however I feel it necessary to convey to readers how true it is that you will not find anything like this anywhere else. We do work hard and we do care infinitely about the children and community resulting in all of the epic adventures we have off of project being immensely appreciated by all of us here
Word count restrictions do not allow me to tell you the 350 reasons I have for why prospective volunteers should choose GVI Manuel Antonio, so I will end it by letting you know all you need to bring are the following: insect repellant, energy, sharpeners (we’re running low), and for the love of God will someone bring a jar of vegemite (or six).