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Written by Miranda Jones – GVI Quepos Community Intern

So me and the other intern had been in Costa Rica for three months and it was time to go to Esteli in Nicaragua for Spanish school. After a twelve hour bus ride from San Jose we finally arrived. We met our host families and then settled into our new home. The first week consisted of us going to Spanish school in the morning then in the afternoon going to the cigar factory and the local museums. Esteli was a small sleepy town, however we did find an amazaing cafe that sold bagels with cream cheese and chocolate milk shakes. On the Friday we got to experience some local live music. My host family was lovely. At first I thought it would be awkward living in such a small house but it turned out great. We had lovely food and hot water!

Miranda with her host family

The second week was similar to the first apart from on the second to last day instead of staying in school the teachers took us to  a cafe that was all natural; they had natural juices and food, it was such a lovely tranquil setting and we played lots if games that really helped our Spanish. On the last day we cooked traditional food with the teachers and had a small leaving party. My teacher in particular was lovely. She was slightly crazy and taught me every body part-even the arm pit, but she was so nice.  I’m grateful to her for helping me so much. On our last night we went out for our last night out and we went to a bar out of town and then to a club.  It was such a surprise how nice this place was. We were escorted in, brought to a very comfy sofa and served drinks all night, it was great. So the next day it was time to get in the bus and go home, and although I loved experiencing a different country and culture, I couldn’t wait to get back to my friends and the children of El Cocal!