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Intern hosts our first community event for Nomzamo!

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town

As a community development intern part of the program is to lead a team for a day.  So what was I going to do? After much deliberation a thought it would be a good idea to get a fire truck to come a visit the children at the nursery, everyone was very excited about this idea and before I knew it one thing lead to another and ALL the children from Nceduluntu and the Orphanage got involved as well as our team of volunteers, 3 fire vehicles and an ambulance. It turned into a full blow community day.
We started of the day with a creative session to get everyone into the theme, I challenged volunteers and children to make the best replica emergency service vehicle out of recycled car board boxes. Before we knew it the ambulance and paramedics showed up and put on a fantastic show for the children and Salusiwe even got to be the patient and whisked away in the ambulance on a stretcher applying bandages and a neck brace!
As if that wasn’t exciting enough, at 11 o’clock the fire brigade showed up with two trucks, a car and a full team of people. Some children were certainly a little scared by them but the majority were in their element. Again another fantastic performance with all the children getting to try their hand at the hose! Great day, I will remember this and I hope the kids will too, if they remember some fire safety tips all the better!

Jeremy Mackenzie – Gordon’s Bay Intern – UK