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By 5 years ago
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Initial Impressions of the Village

Arriving into HuayPakoot after a tame 5-hour bus journey, I was instantly struck by the serenity of the area; from chickens clucking to dogs barking, I was ready to call this village my home for the next month.

On the day, I had Aerosmith’s “Don’t want to miss a thing” ringing through my head, and I made this my mantra for the following 2 weeks. I was introduced to my homestay, who goes by the name of ‘Chat’. His English is limited, but his smile is more powerful than any word, no matter what the language, and if the food he and his wife offer me each day be a taste of heaven, then send me the hell up there (pun intended)! There is a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the villagers in HuayPakoot, much like the Chelsea back four of ’05, but their fascination and interest with new visitors provides the onlooker with a striking blend. We see a respect for the ancient Pakinyaw traditions such as the Geeju ceremony, but also an open mind to new ideas and concepts, such as the revered pick-up truck, which carries an astonishing amount of tonnage compared to its disproportionately meagre size (Toyota Hilux – contact me for more details).

There are 3 main shops in the village, and by some cruel twist of fate, the most popular shop, rather predictably named ‘Top Shop” (it is on top of a hill), lies the furthest away. Perhaps this is the Pakinyaw way of making you work hard for what you want; in times of hardship, one should always try to picture their own little slice of paradise, and for me, that slice of paradise lies within the refrigerator of Top Shop, in the form of a passion fruit ice lolly. Simple pleasures. But I digress; you should never find yourself bored here in HuayPakoot, for a bored mind is a boring person. Take a deep, long look at yourself – are you a boring person? If not, then the opportunities here at HuayPakoot are endless, and whether you’re a keen bird watcher or amateur basket weaver, we cater for your every need!

HuayPakoot: where dreams are made, and worries fade.