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How GVI Volunteers Help the Local Community

By 4 years ago
Categories Luang Prabang


Donations for:
  • Salaries for Lao teachers who partner with GVI volunteers.
  • Sponsorship of 12 Novices at MEC for English classes.
  • Food to Temples.
  • General expenses of Temples.
  • Class sets of text books and other resources for Wat Mano, Monk School, Wat Pasaviet, Kok Gniew, Wat NaXang and ethnic school in Numbuk.
  • Medical costs for Novices – Wat Pasa Viet, Wat Mano.
  • Medical costs for Abbot – medicine, hospital.
  • Whiteboards, lights, water coolers for Temple schools.
  • Whiteboard to Village school.
  • Assisting cost of electricity at Temples.
  • Construction materials to Temples.
  • Installation of wells at Temples – Wat Pha-O, Wat PasaViet.
  • Classroom furniture to Wat PasaViet, Wat NaLuang.
  • Rice to School for the Deaf.
  • Wifi at Xayadeth for use by Laos teachers, GVI volunteers, students.
  • Transport costs for student’s fieldtrip.
  • Costs of eye screening tests for Novices.
  • Glasses for Monks and Novices.
  • School fees, clothes, bicycle and books for sponsored student.
  • Covering travel costs of Monk to Vientiane.
  • Medical, transport costs and food for Novices while in hospital.
  • Transport of volunteers to Temple classes.
  • Passport costs for 5 Monks to study in Thailand.
  • Assisting the families of 2 deceased Novices for funeral costs.
  • Assisting the families of 3 Novices seriously injured in car accident.