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Sports day at Nyota

On the final Thursday of the school holiday program at Nyota we ran a sports day. As the GVI Sports volunteer I was provided the opportunity to organise and run the day.
Four teams were chosen, with a mix of grades to try to keep the teams even. Four volunteers were team captains. Team Elephant was led by Nadia, team Tiger by Anna T, team Lion by Orla and team Cheetah by Steve. Once the teams were selected, and faces painted, we were ready to start the days competition.

There were a variety of events over the day, starting off with sprints for the different grades, followed by some captain ball and long jump.

Volunteers and their teams…


The circuit relay created lots of excitement and fun for the kids as I ran them through the stages. Lots of nodding and smiling when told to duck under a desk, then skip 20 times. The next stage I thought of as a consequence of kids games from when I was young – eating dry Sao biscuits. Not quite sport, but a lot of fun. Given there are no Sao’s here, we opted for mandazis – think a triangular shaped deep fried donut, but less sweet. I reached the mandazis to explain they had to eat one fully before returning to their team to tag the next runner. Well, one look at the mandazis brought squeals of delight from all the kids and they sprinted to the starting position to get started.

Circuit relay….

The least successful game was next, shot put. Note to self, giving boys rocks to throw ( in lieu of the real thing) is not the most sensible idea. I am happy to report there were no injuries, just dispute in whether some turns were legitimate or throws.

Shot put event…

The final game of the day was the tug of war – first across the teams, and then teachers and volunteers against older students.

Volunteers determined to win !!!
 The results of this determined the winning team. The Elephant team won by a point, followed by Cheetahs, Lions, then Tigers. Oh, and the teachers and volunteers beat the students!

Team Elephant win!!!!!!


A great day was had by all.

By Anna Hocking