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Hola amigos!

By 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan
Voice from the field,  May 27, 2013 – Pez Maya

A new week has started here at Pez Maya and as normal there are tons going on. This week we have started up the turtle project for real and gotten the turtle rota fixed. So from now onwards we are all going on turtle walks at night to see the turtles coming in to lay their eggs and hatch. There are four different kinds of turtle species that are active here in this part of the world, the Green turtle, the loggerheads, the hawsbills and the biggest and coolest, the leatherback. Some of us has already been out in daytime at the beaches and seen trails from the leatherback, so everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that we will see one!

The wind has increased in strength again and because of this we have not been able to dive. Instead we have spent time tiding up base, sanding down tables to repaint and clearing up the sand to make base-life more colourful. We also got an opportunity to use the machetes and chop down the brushwood by our huts, in desperate hope to get some more breeze on us when we sleep. A very sweaty and intense job that we mastered, volunteers 1, brushwoods 0.

The interns and people staying here at Pez Maya a longer period of time have now started their rescue diver course. As it is pretty much said in the name of the dive course it gives you the skills and knowledge to oversee and manage a group of divers and to deal with any diving accident or emergencies. It will pretty much transform us to dive heroes! So far we are just at the theory part of the course but when the wind decreases in strength we will start doing the practical training, which both the volunteers and the staff members are looking forward to. We have heard the staff talking about a “hell dive” so we seem to have a lot to look forward to. Now let´s just hope for a not at all windy Wednesday so that the diving can continue!