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Hi my name is Tom .O.Munyaisa I am a Kenyan citizen. I joined GVI at the beginning of January as the Education Officer here in Mombasa. As a member of GVI I have been given the opportunity to exercise my teaching skills in a different way, to aid volunteers in the classroom by helping and guiding them from lesson planning to dealing with different children’s behaviours.


Tom supporting volunteers in the classroom

My job is also to help ensure that we are offering a good standard of English lessons. Making sure the transition from volunteer to volunteer runs smoothly so limiting the effect it as on the children’s learning, one way this is achieved is by letting the new volunteer know about the class they are about to teach by passing on previous information from volunteers who have just left . So the new volunteer will already have a head start even before going into the classroom. Another role is to monitor the progression of the children we teach along with volunteers, highlighting any needs; for example, we test the children’s reading abilities to see if they are at the level they should be and if not we  put them on the one to one reading program.

Volunteers Maddie and Tracy with Olives Standard 4
I am also learning too, having the chance to working along side so many people from many different countries as given me the chance to learn about their different cultures and traditions.I have also had the chance to share many of my countries cultures and traditions with fellow volunteers which I hope they have found as interesting as I find theirs.


Tom and fellow volunteers

GVI is like an extended family everyone from staff, volunteers and our partners in the schools are so friendly and welcoming and dedicated to doing a great job whether they are here for two weeks or six months……  I am looking forward to the coming year and hopefully I may get the opportunity to meet you. Come join us on the Mombasa teaching project it’s an experience you will never forget.

 Look out for my future blogs I will keep you updated with how my year is going.


By Tom . O. Munyasia.   

GVI Mombasa Education Officer