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Halloween with the Street Kids

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

One of our volunteers arrived in Pokahra fully stocked with plenty of resources to donate to the projects he would be helping us on.  Kevin’s only challenge now was to find the best way of putting it to use.  Back in his home of Canada Kevin works for Fire and Rescue and so bought along a few things to help teach the kids fire safety.  Among his collection were a large amount of red plastic fireman hats that we told Kevin the kids would go crazy for.

For Halloween these hats were put to a great use.  As Halloween fell through the Nepoli festival of Dashain the kids were on break from school and that would give us plenty of time to help celebrate this new (to them) and interesting holiday .  Kevin, along with some of our other volunteers, helped the kids dress up as firemen and gave them bags for trick-or-treating.  The kids were told the story of old Hallows eve and then put to work for their candy.  The volunteers each went to a bedroom and shut the door.  The kids then walked around their home knocking on bedroom doors and saying “trick-or-treat” to the volunteers.  The fun and smiles were completely infectious and everyone had a wonderful day.  The volunteers finished up in time to leave Ama (Nepoli for mother) to deal with the sugar highs of these wonderfully crazy kids!