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#GVIConservation Twitter Chat in Retrospect

By Lauren Melnick 3 years ago
#GVIConservation Twitter Chat | GVI

On the 21st of January, we hosted our first Twitter Chat with South African conservation travel blogger Dawn Jorgensen. The #GVIConservation chat was themed around wildlife conservation and the volunteering sector. Some of the topics we touched on were ethical ways to volunteer with wildlife, how our actions back home affect vulnerable species and how volunteering organisations can play a part in wildlife conservation.

We had a great turnout from our alumni and other Tweeters eager to share their experiences. Here is a quick recap on what was discussed:

Q1: What has been your most amazing wildlife experience?

Q2: Where have you volunteered with wildlife and was it ethical?

Q3: What unethical wildlife options should be avoided?

Q4: Why do you think people still take part in unethical wildlife tourism?

Q5: How can we educate people to participate in ethical wildlife tourism?

Q6: How can volunteering organisations impact wildlife conservation?

Q7: How can we conserve wildlife from home?

These are a few of our favourite answers from the chat. Thank you to everyone that joined in! We are looking forward to another great conversation at our next Twitter Chat!

Join us next month!

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