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GVI present at the Healthy Reef for Healthy People Second Regional Meeting

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan
We had the honour to be invited to the Second Regional Partner meeting organized by the initiative Healthy Reef for Healthy People.
Last year, GVI data collected by the volunteers was shared with them in order to produce a report on the health of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system; this year we participated on their regional meeting where people from Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Honduras got together to work on the Eco-Audit that will be released this year.
The purpose of the Eco-Audit is to have a systematic multinational evaluation of the implementation of recommended reef management actions by governments, NGOs, and private sector. The Eco-Audit includes several indicators across different themes and documents that support such information. Click here if you want to know more about this:
GVI Mexico Country Director, Lluvia Soto, attended this 3 day meeting in Belize city, where different criteria were evaluated in order to produce the 2013 Eco-Audit. Amongst the participants were people from different government agencies from the four countries, as well as different NGOs including our local partners Amigos de Sian Ka’an.
Apart from working on the new criteria, the participants were also shown how the new online data base will work; this will be for public access and will contain information from the four countries involved. As well as the data base that will be used to summit the data on the following years.
As a plus, people from the Catlin Seaview Survey from Australia came to the meeting to show us the method they are using to create 3D images of our reef! They are at the moment working on taking the images in the Mexican Caribbean to then continue with the reefs in the other parts of the world. All the participants definitely agreed that they have a really cool job!

It was definitely a very successful meeting! Thanks again for inviting us.