GVI Mombasa's youngest volunteer...

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Teaching at Nyota               


GVI Mombasa has just welcomed its youngest volunteer Kira Magor . Kira is currently volunteering alongside her Mum Lynda, Dad Graeme and Sister Keziah at Nyota

Volunteer Kira with KG students

Hi my name is Kira Magor. I am 12 years old Canadian gymnast who is working for GVI at Nyota Ing’arayo School for 2 weeks. I teach PE to the children alongside my mum who is also volunteering, she is a PE teacher back home.

Volunteer Lynda (Kira’s mum) playing “Stop” and “Go” with Std 2

After being at Nyota for 4 days, we have taught gymnastics, football, volleyball and a few other games. I also help out with Std 4 English and reading lessons. My dad and sister are teaching Std 5 at Nyota Ing’arayo. It’s great fun.

Volunteer Kira and Volunteer Laurie teaching gymnastics to Std 3 

It’s really cool to watch kids my own age learn, play and laugh every day. So far working for GVI has been an amazing learning experience that I am grateful to have. This trip is something I will never forget.

By Kira Magor – Volunteer