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GVI attends Community Outreach visits

By 5 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

This week, Ratu Meli Memorial School began its community outreach visits. Every term, the teachers of the school spend and evening in every village on Nacula island talking to the parents and listening to their comments and concerns. GVI was offered the chance to attend these meetings and was obviously keen to go and share with the villages what we have been doing at the school.
The villages of Nacula, Malakati, Naisisili and Navotua provided us with great hospitality and made the teachers and GVI feel very welcome. Each evening, the teachers would arrive at one of the villages and be offered a place to relax and enjoy some afternoon tea. The meetings were well attended and many parents gathered around the community halls to listen.
Obviously, the school’s response to Cyclone Evan and the allocation of funds from the AustAid donation were high on the list of things to discuss. The head teacher, Miss Sophie, outlined where the money was being spent and how it would help the children return to school. Also, GVI was able to say how some of the donations would be used to pay for the freight for a shipment of books that have very generously been given to us.
When it was our turn to speak, we highlighted the work we have been doing in the school over the past eighteen months, and in particular the successes of our one-to-one and reading programs. Furthermore, we stressed to the villages how much we enjoy working in the school and how grateful we are to have their support.
When the second term begins in a few months, we look forward to accompanying the teachers on another worthwhile endeavour to visit the communities who depend on the school and listen and talk with them.