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Graduation for Kiddies Corner children

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

We all know what graduation is about right? Suits, dresses, gowns, make up, certificates and silly hat things etc. Well you would have been spot on at the graduation I attended, though you may have been surprised to see that the graduates were 6 years old and will be starting primary school in January. Graduation is a serious business here in South Africa and I was extremely grateful to be invited by Yolisa to Kiddies’ Corner for the big day. We may not have been working in Masi since September but we still maintain our connections there and still have a lot of friends within the community. The ceremony was beautiful with the kids performing one or two songs and being given certificates and gifts. As I left the party was just getting started with chips, cakes and lots of odd brightly coloured sugary drinks.

I know that people like Yolisa, helped by the support that given to them by GVI and other organisations, are offering a better future for their communities. I hope that the emphasis placed on educational achievement in children of such a young age will translate itself into their lives.
Nick Herrick
Project Manager