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From America to India

By 5 years ago
Categories Kerala

My first week with GVI in India has been amazing to say the least. When I first arrived at the Cochin airport to find out my luggage had been lost, I expected my experience here to be bumpy at best. Coming here I have given up many aspects of my normal daily life, like American fast food, parties and friends at my university, even air conditioning. Since being here I have left those “comfortable” aspects of life, but what I have gained coming here has been much sweeter. In just one short week I have made friends in my fellow volunteers from all over the world, I have been exposed to an alien yet beautiful culture, and most importantly I have gotten to spend time and work with some of the most incredible kids I’ve ever met. The stresses and worries I used to burden myself with before coming here seem so foolish now. Just a week in a place like this and I already feel changed for the better, all the while affecting these kids lives and helping guide them on a better path for life. GVI does a great job of comfortably getting you into the swing of things here in India. The staff here has been nothing but open and supportive. Before getting here I had my apprehensions, but now a week later I have no doubt in my mind that joining GVI in Kerala was a great decision.

-Hunter Hallmark
 Texas, USA