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Our first week at the Health Care project in Thailand

By Lauren, Health Care Volunteer 3 years ago
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Arriving to Ban Nam Khem was a step into a whole new world. After much anticipation for months, I was so excited to go feet first into the worlds of these people and work to make a difference. Beginning, we got to meet all of the volunteers we worked alongside with and it was like a family from the first day. Our first day was at the Tsunami Relief center and we got to observe Pre-Kindy and Kindy classes. They were learning the alphabet and corresponding vocabulary for each letter. The kids are so eager to learn and their respect for the teachers is amazing. The next place we got to see was the Camilian Social Center, and that was an awesome experience as well. The kids loved having us and getting to interact with them as teachers and as friends is so much fun! We began with vocabulary of food and playing games to reinforce the vocabulary, and then ended with some crafts and dancing. It’s truly a bonding experience going there and spending time with the kids and I look forward to the many weeks ahead of spending time with them! The last place we have gone this week was the CDC for sports day. We began playing musical chairs with all the kids and they love singing along to the Justin Bieber and Katy Perry songs playing in the background. Next, we ventured outside for a huge soccer game with GVI vs. the kids. The kids are really good and competitive and it was a close game which was so fun to watch. We ended the morning at CDC with a class of some older kids learning about healthy foods and unhealthy foods. They are pretty good at speaking and understanding English and they seemed to have a lot of fun playing games and flash cards with their classmat
es and the teachers. I’m super excited for next week to be able to interact with the kids more and get the opportunity to teach them with my fellow volunteers! The experience so far has been nothing short of a blast. 🙂

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