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First two weeks in Pez Maya!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

As week two at Pez Maya quickly comes to an end, the volunteers are finally settling in and beginning
to become accustomed to the nightly blood donation to the mosquito population at Pez Maya. Last week

ended with Friday night´s post dinner conversations being interrupted by Sarah announcing that a turtle
nest was hatching, so down everyone went to the beach and we all saw something quite amazing: newly
hatched baby turtles struggling out of the nest and then making their rapid descent into the ocean. The
volunteers split into groups all cheering and naming the turtles as they climbed, stumbled and rolled over
and through various obstacles on their way and then waving them off into the sea. It was truly awesome.

Saturday started with beach clean number two and after the morning dives and the second boat push of
the day, the weekend began, which also sadly meant saying goodbye to GVIs Regional Coordinator Katie,
who had been staying with us at base this week. It was also one of the volunteer`s birthdays, so as soon
as our first meat dinner of the phase was over, the party began. Not before the belly dance-off between
Princess (a boy) and Frank of course: a special birthday treat for David. Sunday was nice and relaxing
as some ventured into Tulum, returning armed with cans upon cans of mosquito killer, and others just
spent the day relaxing on base. The weekend concluded with a movie night and before we knew it, it was
Monday again and we were back in the water.

This week diving wise saw all the volunteers successfully completing our PADI open water diving
training. As for incidental sightings, there were a few, with groups seeing turtles, a dolphin, a couple of
sharks (!) and a great barracuda which was just chilling behind my dive group on Tuesday as we were
practicing some compass skills on the ocean floor. It was a great week; but what of the weekend to come?
It is the annual turtle festival in Akumal, which celebrates the ending of the turtle mating and laying

Will tell all next blog post.