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First snorkeling in the Wasini channel!

By 6 years ago
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This was supposed to be a warm-up before our first snorkeling survey in the Kisite-Mpunguti MPA, but hwo nice! We wandered out through a broad sand plain exposed by the low tide towards the channel. There, our sightings started with a majestic African Fish Eagle. Avoiding the sea urchins, we finally jumped in. The water was really warm and pleasant, with a nice visibility of about 10 metres.

We saw, among others: peppered moray, moorish idol, yellow belied sea snake, oriental sweetlips and a map puffer. This last one was so shy and looked at us accusingly when we took a photo. Such a pity that you cannont ask for permission to a fish to take a picture, I would gladly have done it!

The nature here really makes you humble. When we dived down, we could hear dolphins speaking in the distance. We hope to see them tomorrow during our boat based survey!
Text: Agnezka Luberek and Patrik Eklof