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First impressions in Pez maya base too!

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

This week started with us all arriving to base very excited and eager to get in the water, But sadly due to elabourate storms, many attempts have been blighted and tanks have had to go back still full. Not that this has stopped the fun! One of the first jobs when arriving on base was to put up mosquito nets. Not a task for the faint hearted, I, amongst many others spent the best part of half an hour fighting and ending up cocooned in netting until the scholars stepped in to share their wisdom. For those doing their open water, PADI trips off base to a pool have        

been a wonderful chance to see a bit of Tulum, try 
me local food and bring back well deserved chocolate orientated treats for everyone else studying hard at base. We’ve been getting to grips with duties and the skills we will need to keep base running smoothly (including the very essential machete training in order to open coconuts!). All the theory parts for our PADI’s are done and almost everyone has passed their fish and coral test. So now after, what for most, has been months of planning the idea that we will soon be independently conducting underwater research, is becoming more real and even more exciting.
Today, thankfully, the rain decided to stay away. For many it was a chance to get their first experience of diving in the ocean and seeing a coral reef outside of a book. Almost a full rotation of kitchen duties down, and luckily the food is still good (…despite a few bean stones….). Everyone is getting more comfortable with each other and a few of the boys have already picked up very macho nick names, including Fru-Fru and Princess. This weekend we look forward to a belly dancing competition, hopefully in full costume, between two of our more competitive male members. Let the trash talk commence!