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Final quarter of 2012 Mexico marine conservation expedition!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

We have finally reached the end of phase. It has been a mixture of both happy and sad as we come to the end of what has been a fantastic week.

Congratulations are in order for Claire, Thea and Caelan having passed their rescue diver scenario and exams. They are now qualified rescue divers. Big congratulations also to those who have been out monitoring and recording data. We have completed recording data for four sites. This data goes back to our partner programs and charities and gives us a better picture of the overall health of our reef.

We had an excellent day on Thursday when we did the circus in Punta Allen. Everyone put their hearts and souls into it and put on a fantastic show that we thoroughly enjoyed doing. The children and community were very enthusiastic about the whole experience. Everyone expressed their thanks with much laughter and applause. Highlights were the fantastic sea creature costumes that swam around throughout the performances, the clowns that had the children in stitches. Valeria and Rhu did an incredible silk fabric aerial act which you would haft to see to be believed!

After the excitement of Thursday´s circus, the come down has been a complete base clean on Friday which involved pulling the boats up to the volleyball court and scrubbing them until they were pure white again, gutting every room and cleaning them out thoroughly and packing up all our bags again. Cleaning was temporarily halted when we found a very cute baby mouse we made it a new nest out of an old t-shirt and put it back.

So now that everything has been cleaned and packed and gutted all that is left to say is goodbye to our new found friends who now seem like family and to wish everyone a very merry Christmas.