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Farewell Pez Maya

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

It is so strange how this is the end of the 10th week, and also our stay here. It seems like a long time since we first got here, but it also doesn’t. We have learnt and experienced so much so maybe we haven’t really noticed the time, and suddenly it’s time to leave.

This week has brought us some seasonal thunder storms. The rain was much welcomed, however we were unable to dive. Instead we filled our time with dancing in the rain and watching the
lightning show.
After a huge final boat push, base cleaning and data entry, our work here is sadly done.
Wonderfully, everyone is going to Playa del Carmen for the weekend so we can have a big party together and say our final goodbyes to good friends.

Pez Maya really has felt like home for the past 10 weeks. We are all really going to miss it and our iguana friends. Especially The Don, who is the boss iguana. However we won’t miss the mosquitos.
It’s gonna be good eating all the food at home that we don’t have here, but after that is done, we are really gonna miss our creative home cooked meals.
So farewell Pez Maya, it has been a great experience.
Over and out from cookiemonsters,
Becky & Krissy