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Exam week at RMMS

By 5 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

Week ten of term three is exam week at Ratu Meli Memorial School. The teachers create exams for six of the nine subjects, while art, music and physical education are evaluated through classroom based assessments. The volunteers have been busy helping the teachers and students prepare for the tests. As the school has no photocopier, the test questions must be hand written on large paper and posted in each class for the students to then copy. This has meant a lot of work for the teachers and they are very appreciative of the support offered by the class volunteers. Class four was the first class to finish all their exams so, Becky, the class volunteer, has been helping her class review the answers and making sure the students are prepared for starting class 5 in January.
In addition to helping students revise, the volunteers have been administering the classroom based assessments for art, music and P.E. The volunteers set the pupils tasks, which allows for a more creative way of assessing their abilities than simply writing exams. Volunteers have set tasks such as painting a colour wheel, setting a poem to a musical beat, and creating an obstacle course that evaluates different motor skills.

Having a combination of classroom based assessments and end of term exams allows for a comprehensive evaluation of each student’s ability, thus areas that are in need of improvement can be identified.