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Everest Base Camp Trek in a nutshell

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara

Arriving into Kathmandu was a bit of a scare but once morning came and Ram (our Himalayan Encounters guide) told us the game plan for the E.B.C trek, my nerves settled down.  The trekking portion of the trip was awesome.  Our porters (the people who carry our backpacks) were crazy fast.  They would carry three 60L bags per person and beat us to the lodges.  As far as the food, it was incredible.  Dhal bhat, Pizza, Mo Mos,  noodle soup, basically anything that Ram approved of was delicious.

Once we got to Namche Bazaar on day 3 everyone was excited for a hot shower.  However, I didn’t fully comprehend that it would be our only shower for a week!  I definitely should have savoured it a bit more.

On another note, the scenery was gorgeous!  I’m from Canada so I’m used to seeing the Rockies but the Himalayas are something else.  Our weather was blue skies and warm throughout the days, with freezing cold but beautiful starry nights.  Each village that you walk into throughout the trek was small, humble, and friendly.   Everest Base Camp was pretty cool and very fulfilling.  We purchased some prayer flags earlier and so we spent a 20 minutes hanging the colourful banners at base camp. 

All in all, the trek was the best I’ve ever done.  They were long days of trekking but the triumphant feeling at the top of each mountain kept me going.  If you’re thinking about doing this trek, make sure to add a chapstick, toilet paper, and as many salty/sweet snacks as possible.

You’ll have a blast!

Adventure program volunteer Bri