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Embracing the rain

By Sarah Kagotho - Multi-Country Combo Volunteer 5 years ago
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They say that the rain is a friend to no one, it drenches everyone and everything in equal measure, but when it does, it brings forth new life. The past few days I have spent in Shimoni have proven this to be quite true. The rain has been a constant companion and a wonderful teacher as the Forest Ninjas trekked through the forest in search of recordable data.

Everything looks touched up by the rain, the forest is beautifully green, with the remnant brownness of the scorching sun that has been dominant these past few months. It has been quite interesting spotting all kinds of birds that call the Shimoni skies home. Little swifts, common bulbuls, the prettiest purple collared sunbirds and high flying black kites have all been flying around in bursts of renewed energy.

The trees are playing house to the famous Angola black-and-white Colobus which have been a little bit shy though we have managed to catch a few glimpses of them as they peek through the branches. We however got to clearly see and characterize the KG Family of Colobus on Wednesday morning at Changai Village. It was a really cool family moment to observe. Benja, our Expert Forest Ninja, pointed out that the two infants in the KG Family had grown quite a bit since the last time that the family had been observed. They have now acquired the infamous Black-and-White fur from their previous pure white baby fur. Cute.

I went on my very first night survey on Wednesday night, an excursion that I started out with very mixed feelings about but ended it with all the excitement my young mind could muster. I mean, going out into the forest at night is not exactly something that pops up as exciting, because well, wild animals. However, after night walk, I am now fully convinced that I must one day attempt to domesticate a Small eared Galago a.k.a Bush Baby. It’s really fascinating how their little eyes glow orange when you shine a light at them. Little balls of fur and fascination.

I can say that it really has been a learning experience, and it’s only been four days!! Shimoni Forest has a lot
to offer. From beauty to inspiration, to tiny insect bites and bruises from unforgiving tree stumps and I hope that I experience all and more of it in the next few weeks.

Sarah Kagotho – Multi-Country Combo Volunteer