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Earth Hour 2016: How Do You Plan to Get Involved?

By Tyler Protano-Goodwin 3 years ago
Earth Hour 2016: How Do You Plan to Get Involved?
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“As the world stands at a climate crossroads, it is powerful yet humbling to think that our actions today will decide what tomorrow will look like for generations to come.”

Earth Hour. A simple idea that has grown into the largest grassroots movement in the entire world. A World Wildlife Fund (WWF) event that began in 2007 when Australia decided, that in order to raise awareness and spark conversation surrounding climate, they would ask individuals, businesses, and organisations to turn off their lights between the hours of 8:30pm and 9:30pm.

The next year things took off in a way that was entirely unexpected, events started popping up worldwide, countries started initiatives that carried on far past the day of the event, and individuals started investing in changing the course of the environments future.

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“Earth Hour is not about how much energy is saved during the hour. Rather, it’s a chance to put the spotlight on the issues facing the planet, and to inspire millions across the world to live more sustainably.”

Today over 162 countries and 7,000 cities will be participating in Earth Hour. In a variety of creative and inspiring events both on the actual day, March 19th but also year long in order to create long lasting sustainable change.

How Can You Get Involved In Earth Hour 2016?


Seven lanterns released over the City of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, (in front of Table Mountain) symbolising the seven continents taking part in this global call to action on climate change to mark Earth Hour 2010.

Here are some of our favorite events taking place this Earth Hour, see what is happening close to you. Not finding an event near you, look into these other events, or take the initiative and create your own way to celebrate and raise awareness for climate change worldwide.

1. Finland will be hosting the largest candlelight dinner in the world. The idea will be to spark constructive conversation surrounding ecologically responsible food. The largest contributors to the issue being the production of meat, eggs, and dairy.

2. Sydney, Australia will be putting on a completely recycled fashion show.

3. Barcelona, Spain invites you to their candlelight piano concert.

4. Vaughan, Canada has created a community event involving lantern making and an evening lantern walk through the center of town.

5. New York, United States will be hosting an all-night dance event including live music, a free photo booth, and a late night DJ.

6. Frankfurt, Germany has organized a unique cycling event. Static bicycles will be set up in the city center, teams of five will be able to join and peddle in a race to light up climate slogans.

7. Toronto, Canada’s Bulent + Lina’s Tango studio will be hosting a lights off night of dancing.

8. Pennsylvania, United States’ Blue Zen Spa will be giving out 20 dollar vouchers for anyone who posts an image on their social media channel of their own candlelight night.

9. London, United Kingdom will be hosting a candlelight dinner at The Detox Kitchen. The event will be held in conjunction with the Sustainable Restaurant Association who will be presenting on how we can all make more earth conscious food choices.

10. Worldwide you can donate your Facebook for the day in order to raise awareness. Make sure to post about the day and change your profile picture to include the overlay #changeclimatechange.

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No matter where you are in the world you can be part of the push to make a difference. Make sure to participate either in your community or simply at home on March 19th by taking a stand and going lightless.

However, the follow-up is equally important. Make sure that yearlong you are making conscious decisions that positively affect our environment and create awareness surrounding climate change. Learn more about Earth Hour, climate change and how you can make a difference.

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