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Earth day

By 6 years ago
Categories Yucatan

It was the one day of the year that makes all conservationists hearts go a flutter. The day when you wake up to merry birds chirping, and Louie Armstrong rambling in your head about trees of green and red roses too. Yes it was earth day.
Today because of earth day we decided to clean some of our mess. We started with a small beach clean followed by a massive one with the help of our partners Amigos de Sian Ka`an who managed to collect more than 50 big plastic bags of rubbish. After these we moved to a bridge close to base where lots of people go fishing and sadly they leave a lot of trash on it, so we decided to clean around the bridge as well. At night we normally turn on the generator, but because of this
special occasion we decided to leave it off for the night.
So we sat underneath the stars with the pleasant strumming of two guitars and relaxed at the end of a good day.