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Diving in the Seychelles and bird island Adventure

By Katherine Beesley 2 years ago

Hi All,
My name is Katherine, travelling and diving has always been a passion. I recently graduated from University and I wanted a bit of a break before finding a job . After reading up on GVI this programme ticked all the boxes, so here I am in sunny Seychelles. I am doing a marine expedition with two month internship here at GVI Cap Ternay, on Mahe (the main island).
There has been many highlights of my time here, but one of them came this weekend when five other volunteers and myself spent the weekend on Bird Island.
The island used to be an old coconut plantation before it was turned into a hotel and an island that tourists could visit. Due to the fact that there is only one flight to the island per day and the hotel consists of 24 bungalows at times you really feel like you are the only people there.
Our trip started in Mahe airport where we boarded a tiny plane. This was not great for the people in the group that didn’t like flying! The flight itself took only 25 minutes and it was a great way to see the rest of the islands that make up the inner islands of the Seychelles. The air strip takes up about one fifth of the island to put things into perspective.
Once we arrived we enjoyed a weekend of delicious food, tortoises, hundreds of birds, kayaking and snorkelling. On our second day there we went on a nature walk with Robbie who looks after and monitors all the birds on the island. We learnt how to identify all the different species of birds such as the Fairy tern and the Lesser Nodi. On this tour we also met some of the most famous residents of the island, the tortoises. Esmeraldo is the largest living tortoise in the world, weighing a whopping 365kg. The highlight for me though was definitely snorkelling with both Hawksbill and Green turtles. I have never been somewhere where you can see turtles with such ease and it was great to experience.
I would definitely recommend Bird Island to other volunteers who are thinking of going in the future. It is a great way to spend time with friends and relax. There is so much to explore and it is hands down one of the most stunning and scenic places I have been lucky enough to go to.