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By 4 years ago
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Voice from the field April 29, 2013 

This week in a nutshell

It has been an amazing diving week thank you to the weather gods! We went for all 4 waves every day apart from Thursday due to engine problems which are now fixed thanks to the staff’s diligent work. There was even enough time for everyone to go on a fun dive! There have been sightings of Mating turtles, sting rays, nurse sharks, lionfish and many other delights of the marine world. All of the Open Water people have passed-woohoo! And they are now tearing their way through the Advanced Open Water dives.

Because of the problems with the engine we all went snorkeling at the reef and saw some rays and an eel as well as the usual variety fish and corals.

Our stomachs have also had an amazing week with the volunteers pulling out all of the stops in the kitchen, cheers to Johanna and her hut for the amazing bean burgers, and Chloe for the mango and chocolate cakes, yum!

Also Ben’s Lionfish catches have been fried up and served as a tasty treat for a lucky few!! Inside the invasive species we found a few baby fish and have been found to be mostly males!

The beach has been great too with the sun out everyone has been browning up nicely so we can make everyone at home really jealous. Diving so much has taken up a lot of time and energy and we have pretty much been crashing out every night, though we have still had time for a poker tournament which Fredrik excelled at bluffing along.