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December 2016: GVI Chiang Mai Monthly Achievement Report: Construction of New Base Education Area!

By Internship coordinator Phoebe Van Doorn 2 years ago
Categories Chiang Mai


To Increase and promote ethical elephant tourism. To create a viable self-sustaining eco-tourism programme for the village. Improve standards of living and job opportunities for the people of Huay Pakkoot. Improve sustainable natural resource management in the Huay Pakkoot area.

Completion of a new education Centre.

 The Chiang Mai hub is consistently receiving large numbers of volunteers.

At times the number of individuals on base can make it difficult for staff, interns and volunteers needing to get work done or study, to find quiet time to concentrate.  

By rebuilding our old base we have not only recreated a new education/study area for volunteers and interns to use, but have also created a temporary income for villagers who have put their time and energy into helping us create the base.  

We are now going to be able to use this base to further educate volunteers on elephant welfare, elephant behavior, biodiversity of flora and fauna in the local area and about the Karen culture.

Even looks great under the cloak of darkness!

Rebuilding the base has also opened up the surrounding area and encouraged volunteers to assist staff with creating an aesthetically pleasing area. We are hoping in the coming months to add; vegetable gardens, flower gardens and a pond which we hope to build in such a way that it incorporates a self-sustaining ecosystem.

This month’s achievement helps us achieve the following hub objectives;

  • To Increase and promote ethical elephant tourism – by increasing our education space and allowing us to educate volunteers in a more suitable environment.
  • Improve standards of living and job opportunities for the people of Huay Pakkoot – by providing an opportunity to earn an additional income.