'A Curieuse Life' - A Curieuse Poem

By Priya 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

A Curieuse Life

Curious to know what it is we do,

On Ile Curieuse where we’ve moved into,

For the past four weeks we have discovered,

Blessings of the Mother on this island like no other,

The glorious sun rises in the east,

As the fody’s and sunbirds start chirping,

The terns are fishing for a feast,

While our teeth are getting a good brushing,

The sweet scent of cinnamon toasted oats fills the air in the morning,

The gentle breeze on our skin we are joyously welcoming,

Whilst we sweep around camp, the leaves they need raking,

What’s left to do?

Guys, can we do a quick bucket run too?

Off on a survey, Coco De Mer,

What’s that caught in Dan’s curly hair?

Argh! Spider! Trespasses please pass with care,

Down a crab hole you may go if you aren’t aware,

The mangroves are neat!

Says Cheryl as she flips her data sheets,

Thirty one poles we have yet to complete,

Hop, skip and jump while we melt in this heat,

What have we here in Anse Badamier?

Taking a dip, four shadows appear,

Uh guys, I think we better get out,

For what lurks in the shadows I rather know not,

Short tweets and long tweets and tortoises to tickle,

We all get a shot, no need for a pickle,

Sting rays and eagle rays and sharks with a sickle,

That school of fish there, boy don’t they seem fickle?

A long day calls for a lay on the beach,

The sun on our skin, the world out of reach,

As we remain still for a moment we discover,

The beauty that surrounds us on this island like no other,

The amber sun sets down in the west,

As it turns the sky a magnificent purple,

The birds flutter home to get some rest,

Oh golly gosh! Look there! It’s a turtle!