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Community Project - Painting

By 5 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

On Friday 1st June the wonderful Noi picked us up from base camp and delivered us to Wat Praison, a local Ao Luk school. Armed with Laura and Ting’s drawings of Thai children playing with toys from the past, we began to decorate the walls of the young children’s classrooms. Ian, Laura, Ting, Veronica, Julia, Kirsty, Andria and Anna-Marie put their artistic talents to the test with great success. 

Due to my lack of talent I was banned from touching any paint brushes and appointed the very important role of supervisor (water girl). Ian, as usual, took it upon himself to chase everyone with his camera and record these special moments.The evidence of his torture accompany this article.
The children joined in and added their splash of colour in the form of gorgeous hand prints.
The biggest challenge of the day was Laura overcoming her fear of heights and having complete faith in us holding her scaffolding whilst she left her mark on the roof. The students loved their newly decorated classrooms and fun was had by all involved. By the end of the day the GVI staff and volunteers were just as colourful as the newly painted walls.
Joanna Vowles (not Jovo)
Teaching English volunteer, Thailand