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Community Classes in Bombolulu Village...

By 6 years ago
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Here at GVI Mombasa, not only do we contribute to classes at school but we also assist with an adult literacy group in Bombolulu Village. Madam Grace teaches Maths, English and Kiswahili to a group of over 25 adults every afternoon in Olives Church and GVI lend a hand on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

In addition to Maths and English, GVI staff and volunteers conduct Computer Classes with laptops either donated or on loan. This provides students with exposure to new technology and the opportunity to learn basic computer skills.

The level of commitment and eagerness to learn shown by the adult literacy group is extraordinary. Given many did not have the opportunity to attend or complete school as children, they now take it upon themselves to further their learning by attending community classes.

Madam Grace and her students are truly remarkable and an absolute pleasure to work with.

By GVI Staff, Camille Royal