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Community class is awesome!

By 6 years ago
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Teaching children is exciting and rewarding in itself, however teaching at Adult community class leaves you with a different type of gratification. These local people have such an evident desire to learn English, Math and new technologies. I have been involved in teaching all three subjects.

Every class, I can see the progress being made. Math was always my favourite subject in school, even though in the beginning I used to struggle with it. This is my favourite class to teach at Community. Now, being on the other side of the spectrum and teaching Math, I can say its so exciting to see the adults get the answers and understand.

Since the Math group is split into beginners and advanced, it allows me to have a lot of one on one time with each student.

Computer class is awesome. I work with a small group and have each of them take turns at doing new things. The skills we work on are simple and range from turning it on, to creating new documents and typing sentences. Every class they are eager to learn more and continously ask questions. Their eyes light up when they complete a task correctly and that is just awesome to see. What some consider basic computer knowledge is essential to the future of the adults in community class.

Making and seeing the difference is the best feeling ever!

By Volunteer, Laura Jo Marino