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Climbing Mount Curieuse!

By Jordan Pheonix 3 years ago

Pack a light lunch and bring plenty of water, we’re mounting Curieuse. It’s a summit we’ve eyed many a time, usually while at rest on a hike out to Badamier (they share the same trail most of the way). Things are different this time; the only way forward now is up. To call it a trail is an overstatement. Dense bush and rocky ascents are part of the fun, but don’t be put off by the arduous slog and exertion, at every clearing is a view of Curieuse Island better than the last.  

We are almost at the summit when one of us becomes unwell and it is unlikely he will make the rest of the journey. It is a blow to moral for sure, as the interruption means we will have to descend and either make the entire trip once more or perhaps not at all. There’s disharmony within the group in this moment for sure, and a tough decision is made. We descend, meet with staff for assistance and commit to climbing the mountain once more. We’re a little more exhausted than we had planned to be but the anticipation of getting to the top stirs us on. 

At the summit we are welcomed with a cool breeze and the best vantage point the island has to offer. There are a few trees to find some shade under and some lone boulders poke up above the others, seemingly guardians of the summit, but friend to all those who make the trek. Standing atop them, we can almost see every coastline. We certainly see Badamier, Anse Papai and the Turtle Pond, and realize just how high we are right now. 

Having Adam the videographer with us is perfect. He captures all the highs and emotion of summiting Curieuse and the aerial footage he captures with his quad-copter is breathtaking. From the sky we look like ants. We wave to the camera as it circles above us and disappears into the distance. Writing this blog after having seen the footage, I can assure you, nothing else puts our place on this island into perspective like seeing how small we are in this moment. 

It is a fitting climb to have in the last week of our experience on Curieuse. It takes us through places we’ve been before (some every day) and presents us with a new challenge. The way forward is difficult without question and things don’t always eventuate the way we planned. We are met with adversity and have to make tough on the spot decisions. We rely on teamwork to overcome these challenges and are always ready to try again. Persistence and tenacity take us to the top and from certain points we can see every track and beach we’ve visited, evoking memories of everything up until this point. Mt Curieuse itself serves as the perfect metaphor for the journey we’ve shared. It is only at the end of the journey that we realise how far we’ve come.