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Circus circus coming along, cenote diving and crocodile sighting!!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

This last week has been a rather long week. Due to bad weather and strong currents our weekend was moved from the usual Saturday/Sunday back to the Weds/Thurs and we worked through until this Friday.   Unfortunately the wind was still up so we have had a few extra ´no diving days´.
We have been making good use of our time by doing chores and fixing things around base as well as carrying on with preparation for the circus. The acts are coming together, and our acrobats are now very adept at back flips and juggling tricks.  
Those still doing rescue training have been taken off to casa cenote with super instructor Rhu to do the final few skills before taking their final exam or the ´dive from hell´ – where everything can and will go wrong! Once they had finished their training exercise they were rewarded with a swim around and had an incidental sighting of a crocodile!
Everyone is now ready for the weekend and the final push as we come up to the last week of the phase, before the interns head off to placement and staff and other volunteers head off home for Christmas.