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Cheesiness Until the End!

By Tom and Sanna 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

tom and sanna sblogThe end of another week at Pez Maya and for 3 of us the end of our stay here. Jon has been here for 4 weeks while Sanna and myself say our goodbyes after 8 weeks together. Sanna and I learnt to dive together – starting with our open water qualification in our first week, and now writing our final blog entry together. This is a difficult blog to write without sounding too upset and emotional at our leaving so we’ll talk about our favorite bits of our stay instead and save the cheesiness until the end!IMG_1931

Sanna is still very impressed she’s seen her first raccoon (later named Stanley) but also all the amazing marine life: the rays, turtles, nurse shark, tunicates, SPONGES and plenty of beautiful corals that she managed to see here and now actually identifying by their scientific names. Some other not as obvious parts have been the night chats, very quiet communication mornings, preparing for party nights or all the hot and intense kitchen sections (With Tommy always playing some hip hop or Disney in the back ground, bless him) with the best hut members on Pez Maya, Ancla.

I, on the other hand, am still in shock at the sight of the dorsal fin of a bull shark bearing down on our boat during a rescue diving practice but my favourite part has to be the sheer amount of mosquitoes I’ve managed to kill. Not literally of course although I admit to a certain satisfaction in killing them before they get me, but the diversity of wildlife is comfortably my favourite part of the whole experience. Waking up to the sound of birds that I have no idea the species of, iguanas and geckos running around base like they own the place, occasionally looking up and seeing low-flying pelican formations and that’s all before you even get in the water!

So without getting too deep because we will be saying our goodbyes in person as well, we’re both going to write a short message.

IMG_1939From Your own Swedish Animal sounding chef. I want to thank you all, for making this such a happy 2 months. I will miss the help to get up in the mornings (it is a real struggle to function that early), going on dives with you, hanging out on the beach, dancing in the kitchen, sleep talking conversations (especially with you Asia) but also wobbling down the streets of playa with you guys. Now we can visit all these cool countries (and America) and see each other again! And just so all of you know, I’ve got your back! We are family.

And from the less ginger than when I started Essex boy, I want to say thanks to Jim, Kerry and IMG_8218Brad for teaching me how to dive, my friends here who have become my family for always being up so it’s impossible to come down, and Mexico for being the beautiful country it is. I sincerely hope that I will see all of these things again in the future but that is especially true of everyone on base. You have made this one of the best and rapidly gone 2 months of my life and for that you have my thanks.